Makerspace Update: October

Posted October 26, 2017 by in News

Thank you to everybody for their continued support and enthusiasm for our project! We wanted to take this opportunity to provide a quick update on what’s happened in October.

Potential New Space

In our September  Makerspace Update we mentioned that we had submitted a proposal for obtaining a facility for the makerspace. We have followed up and our proposal is still being evaluated and we have not yet received any official reply. The process is just taking some time, so we’ll need to be patient, but we do expect a reply in the next few weeks. Cross your fingers for us, if successful, it could mean big things!

Exploring Potential Partnerships

We met with GPRC to explore potential opportunities for partnership and collaboration. We are in the very early stages of exploration at this point, so there are no commitments or concrete details we can share yet, but the initial discussions were positive. We’ll be exploring this further.

Bootstrap Funding

We’re working on an application to obtain bootstrap funding for our project, to fund initial start-up costs, feasibility analysis, and data gathering. Collecting this information will help us build a better makerspace, and also give us valuable data that we can use to back up our claims when we apply for grants and funding.

Community Discussions

One of the key things we wish to do with bootstrap funding is to hold a number of community focus groups & information sessions to answer questions and gather feedback from our community. We will be advertising these sessions on our website and via social media once they are ready. We expect these to happen sometime over the winter.

Society Application

We’re still waiting on our society application to be made official by Alberta Registries. Looks like they are pretty backed up right now, so things are moving a bit slow. We expect our stamped documents to arrive any day now. Once that is made official, we can apply for TechSoup which will allow us to use Google G-Suite at no charge and access discounts on some CAD and graphics software as well. We are looking into whether these discounts on software can also be passed to our members. Will keep you posted.

Community Survey

Our Community Survey is still running – we encourage you to fill it out if you haven’t already!

Volunteer Registration

Be sure to fill out our Volunteer Registration Form if you are interested in helping in the future.

Thank You

As always, thank you for your continued support. Use the buttons below to share this with your friends!

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