Overview of 3D Printing

Posted September 26, 2017 by in News

We had our first lecture with a partnership with the GPRC Learning and Academic Success Center and Library this past Thursday. It was an overview of 3D Printing with a demonstration of the new 3D printer that the library has made available for student use (Lulzbot TAZ). We had about 25 people in attendance and overall it was well received and plan to hold this session again in the future. Some of the comments from the survey wished that the event had more hands-on activity and we going to plan on how to make that happen. The library will be installing 3D modeling programs (Google Sketchup and Blender) and plan to have introductory sessions on these programs.  The library only has one printer and a typical print run takes 3-4 hrs or more depending on the size so a hands-on workshop will have to work around that limitation.